Image of Aberdeen FC - Dolly x TRiCKETTengland: The 8283841617s (aka Mk III)

Aberdeen FC - Dolly x TRiCKETTengland: The 8283841617s (aka Mk III)


We love a collab with TRiCKETT. At Dolly we've been big fans of their wares for years (since the Rodmans, but we digress). This is our third collaboration combining TRiCKETT's attention to detail and love of hosiery with our love of all things Dandy. Going by previous collabs you are just as big a fan of these as we are, and it makes my tummy go all fuzzy just thinking about that.

The name?

The 'Aberdeen FC - Dolly x TRiCKETT: The 8283841617s (aka Mk III)'. We were determined to call them 'Aberdeen FC - Dolly x @TRiCKETT: The 8283841617s' but those fine chaps at TRiCKETT reckoned 'Mk III' would be better. It's definitely less wordy, we conceded that and in true collaborative fashion we've included both working titles!

The socks?

Wool... Wool from the sexiest sheep the Scottish Highlands have to offer. Proper lookers... Glint in their eye... You know the kind... Red and white stripes, with plain red sole and a white top. Taking a little bit inspiration from previous Aberdeen FC Scottish Cup winning kits.

Oh, and we'll cover your postage too...

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