Image of Aberdeen FC - Don-cho (V is for Victory)

Aberdeen FC - Don-cho (V is for Victory)

£10.00 - On Sale

The official description for these items are 'Body Flags'. New to the UK. We were the first to offer them to Scottish fitba fans. Definitely a first for Dons fans...

The blurb: Well, it's a top of the range, digitally printed flag with sleeves. No more tying knots around your neck (health n safety min). No more, "yer nae gettin' in w'that stick". No more aching hand from hours of holding your flag... Just showing your colours in comfort.

Now, 'Body Flags' sounds a bit, well, shite! So we put word out that we were going to stock these. The popular choice was a 'Don-cho'.

The recommended retail price is £40.00...

Shipping to Alone With Others
United Kingdom £2.00 £1.00
Everywhere else £5.00 £5.00