Image of Aberdeen FC - The Shiny

Aberdeen FC - The Shiny


Got... Got... Got...


The elusive club crest 'shiny'. You'd never swap a 'shiny'. If you did swap a 'shiny', you'd swap it for at least 20 inferior stickers. This one though, YOUR CLUB 'SHINY' - you'd never swap that.

Clearly influenced by Panini stickers back in the day. The retro crest with that hologram texture*. OOOFFFT!!! You're not even required to spend your pocket money on 30 packs to get it either. It's available for you RIGHT NOW!

*Please note the case is printed to represent that 'shiny' vibe. It is not reflective.

Designed in Aberdeen.

Please be aware that each case is individually made to order and we estimate 5 working days before you receive it.

Dolly Digital create unique, custom and personalised mobile phone cases using cutting edge thermal printing technology to offer durable phone cases that are a work of art.

Shipping to Alone With Others
United Kingdom £2.00 £1.00
Everywhere else £5.00 £5.00