Image of Dolly x TRiCKETT: Red Army

Dolly x TRiCKETT: Red Army


We love a collab with TRiCKETT and this is our fourth collaboration combining TRiCKETT's attention to detail and love of hosiery with our love of all things Dandy. Going by previous collabs you are just as big a fan of these as we are, and it makes my tummy go all fuzzy just thinking about that.

Anyway, you want to know about the socks. Right?

The socks are made in Italy by Marina and her family in Italy. The mysteries of the socks world have been handed down from her mother and father who still work in the business. The socks are inspected by hand and then the toes sewn together by Marina's mum in pink thread.

80% cotton, 20% Nylon, calf length, sizes UK 7 - 12.

Made in Italy. Quality assured in Accrington. Worn at Hampden and beyond.

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