Image of Iconic Doric - Pay No More Than 30 a Score

Iconic Doric - Pay No More Than 30 a Score


We are pleased to announce our first link up with ThrowUp Gallery - more info below.

So, we're throwing £5 from each sale to help fund Aberdeen creatives trip to Malawi, with Malawi creatives making a return journey.

This 'PAY NO MORE THAN 30 A SCORE' was a warning, sprayed onto Woolmanhill Hospital, behind the pictured iron railings. Impressive go-go-gadget arms (90s reference).

Sprayed onto numerous granite buildings in the 90s. Such messages burn themselves into your memory, using buildings as canvas.

We've already done 'A/Deen thugs kill all away fans'. It's taken us six years to acquire this image. Maybe within the next 12 years we'll have added other notable messages like, 'Vince Hart for Hash' or 'Rachel T is a right slag'. Can you think of any others?

Throwupgallery Link Up:

Scottish graffiti has come a long way since these historic pieces. Throwupgallery's aims are to Promote the arts, culture and diversity and furtherance of this by;

Building artistic links between communities in Scotland and elsewhere.
Promoting opportunities for artistic practice. Working in partnership with other bodies to achieve the purposes.

More info can be found here:

Shipping to Alone With Others
Everywhere else £5.00 £5.00
United Kingdom £2.00 £1.00